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There are so many details to consider when planning your wedding day and the last thing that you want to do is forget something. As we have hosted weddings and outdoor weddings here in Beverley for many years, we have discovered some key details that add an additional special touch to any big day.

Picking a Photographer for Your Beverley Wedding

When choosing a wedding venue in Beverley, it’s natural to consider the location and surrounding landscapes as they will impact your photographs, particularly if you choose an outdoor wedding venue in Beverley. 

However, a key factor that people overlook is the style of photography — no two photographers are the same. If your wedding has a particular style, i.e. bohemian, you want the photographer to be able to translate that feeling and theme into the photographs. 

We recommend looking at previous work from the photographer and asking if they specialise in any particular styles. 

Choosing Wedding Favours for Your Beverley Wedding

A small token of ‘thanks’ to your wedding guests is normal but you don’t want to choose something that they won’t appreciate. Having your wedding in Beverley at a venue such as Beverley Racecourse means that you can think outside of the box when choosing wedding favours. 

Beverley is known for its quirky, local and independent retailers where you are sure to find something unique and thoughtful to thank your guests. 

Remembering Loved Ones 

Sometimes it’s the case that not all of your loved ones can make it in person to your big day. Over the years at our wedding venue in Beverley, we have seen some lovely ways couples have honoured friends and family members who are no longer with us. 

We have seen couples leave spaces at tables for loved ones or a table of photographs; we are happy to arrange something with you to honour loved ones. 

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